Sunday, August 3, 2008

This week and next week

It was a fun week. I had a lot a lot a lot of fun. Next week is going to be a little funner.

I like when the Bradshaw's come. It was nice having Elsie at our house. And had fun playing.

Today I had my talk in church. IT was fun.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I like Brass Monkey and the Jonas Bros and I like a lot of songs. If I get a guitar I will start writing songs. A lot of songs. I will start making a band and do it at my house. It will be a lot of fun. I might get one for my birthday from my grandmas. Or from one of my friends who come for my birthday. I got a lot of cool gifts this year and I will invite more people next year and get more presents. I will start using my money wisely that my grandmas give me. It is going to be fun next year.

Happy Halloween!

Thank you very much for the presents!

My blog

This is going to be the funnest blog. We are going to have a lot of pictures. A lot about my birthday party. A lot about my mom, dad, brother and maybe a little of my sister. It is going to be fun. AMAZING! And Cool! And Rocking.

Here are more picture of my party.

And this is my blog. And Thank you!

My Birthday Party

I liked my birthday because it was 1/2 catching and 1/2 sports. I had fun playing flag football. I had a lot, a lot, a lot of fun! My birthday was so awesome I could hardly wait. I almost fainted from Joey Coming. He is my best friend. And I was happy that all my other friends came, expect for the people who couldn't.

Here are the people who came: Joey, Jacob Bushman, Lars, Jens, Brady, Jessica, Ryan, Issac, Jace, Porter, Zach, Kellsie, me and Jakob.

Here are the pictures.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go Logan

Having fun playing in my room with my GI Joe guys and my army men.

My birthday party is tomorrow. I know it is going to be fun. And my Dad and Mom are going to plan it. And my Dad is going to be the coach. And my next door neightbor is going to be the coach. It is going to be a football training camp. And if we can find water balloons we can somewhere, I am going to tie my dad up and throw waterballoons at him. From 20 yards away. It is going to be BIG BIG BIG BIG fun!

My Favorite Songs